Quality Computers employs a dedicated team of Certified Experts to manage all your IT Infrastructure and Certified IT Environment Projects. Projects range from Entry Level Small Office configurations right up to Large Enterprise Level Systems.
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Home Automation System

Home Automation System in Fujairah

Quality Computers as the one of the best Home Automation System in fujairah. Quality Computers installs automation and smart building solutions. specialising in market leading partner brands for residential, commercial clients in fujairah, UAE. Our smart home systems in fujairah give you the ability to control your home security, lighting, appliances, AC and many other devices. and we can Turn off the lights or the thermostat of your house while you are at work using your cell phone or maybe you can use your tablet to receive real time video coverage from your home security camera.Quality Computers believes in making homes smarter and secure more. Whether you are at home or you are on the go, our Home Automation System in Fujairah give you the opportunity to control your house from any corner of the world!. Connecting your home appliances can be paired with your system which will help in saving, regulating, and monitoring all energy levels. We specialise in developing customised smart housing and office solutions that improve the lives of people in the city of fujairah.

Home Automation System in Fujairah

Home Automtion Services For Every Sector


Quality Computers specialise in dealing directly with the end user you, the home owner. With a dedicated project manager to guide you through the whole process, we can ensure that your needs are met every step of the way.


Quality computers approaches all our projects from a building point of view, with flexibility at our core. Our consultants work with you closely, allowing us to go through the entire process harmoniously.


We work with architects and interior designers to ensure their visions are delivered. Our solutions make your dreams a reality and our designers ensure you are always kept up to date with schemes and drawings.


Working in the commercial environment we deal with facilities managers, commercial property owners, developers and fitters to deliver smart retail and hospitality solutions on time and on budget.

Home Automation System is an extension of building automation for residential and commercial applications. Smart homes involve automation and control of lighting systems, security systems, ventilation & heating, air conditioning, and household appliances. Most homes in the UAE are integrated with easy control and automation system. with possibilities of dimming the lights and locking your doors using your smartphones. Home Automation System or Smart Home technology uses various control software and devices, from switches, sensors, and wall mount controls, to software applications and web interface. Automation and integration require technical expertise, and you can find the best automation service providers near you, Quality Computers provide Home automation systems in Fujairah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu dhabi, or anywhere else in the UAE.

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